SCH, SOPA, The Internet and You

You probably (or at least should) know that we have a strict "no politics" policy here at SCH. Not because we don't care, we certainly do, but we want this to be a place where everyone can get along and forget about the other distractions in the world and just talk about hockey or whatever other weird tangent the comment section goes off on. There's a proper time and place to talk about politics, like after your 2 bottle of wine at Thanksgiving with your estranged (or just strange) aunt and uncle.

We're breaking that rule for a brief moment here though. By now I'm sure you've heard of SOPA and its companion PIPA. If you haven't, check them out here. These bills are bad news for many sites and we here at Second City Hockey and SBN as a whole are no exception. SBN has release an official statement against SOPA and we're right there with them. While stopping piracy on the internet is a good thing, these bills open the doors for much worse things to happen. Even our morning links section could potentially be deemed infringement if these bills passes. Worse, PayPal could be banned from doing business with any sites that even questionable meaning we wouldn't have a way to get you your online copies of The Committed Indian and Fels might be forced to actually get a real job. No one wants that... especially him.

So we strongly ask you to sign any petition but it will go a lot further if you actually contact your representatives over the phone. If you don't know how to get in touch with your representatives (or just don't know who they are) - look them up here and here and then give 'em a call. I'm sure they'll be happy to hear from their constituency.

The one change you'll see on SCH is that all links to illegal streams of games (Hawks or others) will be removed from the comment section and anyone who repeatedly posts them will be warned and eventually banned (though I hope it never comes to that). Other than that it's business as usual for us. Godspeed.