Scott Darling got new goalie gear, and it’s awesome

Don’t you love when goalies get colorful? That’s exactly what Darling did.

Hockey is just around the corner. Honestly - the offseason has been very long, but we’re rounding the corner on August, and before you know it, it’ll be training camp.

But while we wait for that time, the actual players themselves have been spending the offseason gearing up. And that includes Scott Darling, who’s got some new gear to show off.

Waiting for hockey season to start like... #B⭐️ #GN3Tik #GoalieChristmas

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While it’s goalie Christmas for Darling, it’s just regular excitement for the rest of us. Those pads are going to seriously look awesome with his Hawks uniform. A lot of goalies nowadays tend to go with white or mostly white pads, but Darling is going with red totally dominating his gear next season.

That’s going to look really sweet at the United Center. You gotta figure the rest of the offseason will feature Darling breaking in his new gear.

The Blackhawks called on Darling 29 times last season to help them out, and he put up a .915 save percentage effort along the way. We’ll see how he does this upcoming season, but we already know he’s gonna look awesome.