Scott Darling, Ryan Hartman, and Vincent Hinostroza are having fun at fitness testing

And by fun, we mean throwing up!

For all of the Chicago Blackhawks not playing at the World Cup of Hockey: congrats, it’s officially time to get back to work! Specifically, it’s everybody’s favorite day: fitness testing day.

By the sounds of things, up first has been the trio of Scott Darling, Ryan Hartman, and Vincent Hinostroza. And via Darling, it sure sounds like they’re all having a blast!

Gotta love fitness testing day.

At least the necessary evil really only takes up the one day; after that, it’s back on the ice and practicing. And we’re so close to that, especially with the Hawks’ first preseason game being on Sept. 28 - less than a week from now!

So good luck to the rest of the Hawks in surviving fitness testing with minimal mess. We know they can do it.