Second City Hockey Hits The Road (?)


In what is quite possibly the the most malformed idea from a site that has a storied history of such things, Killion, Sam, and myself have come to a consensus that we'd like to at least attempt to coordinate a road trip to a drivable opposition stadium to watch our beloved Men of Four Feathers play in enemy territory.
As of right now, the date we have circled (in pencil) is Saturday, February 6th in St. Louis, which should make for an interesting experience should we encounter the Game Time crew. According to Sam, this is the only drivable Saturday night game whereupon he would not have to have an issue ready on Sunday for a Hawks home game, so that's another reason why we're kind of targeting this date. Adding to the insanity is a Hawks home game on Friday the 5th, which as of right now two of the three of us will be at, and be departing directly from.
While we know it's a ways off, we're posting this now so that hotels and tickets can be arranged for with enough lead time. So is there any interest in this, for this date in particular? Let us know what you think.