Second City Hockey is looking for a new assistant editor

With the playoffs around the corner, we’re looking to add a talented writer and editor to our team!

Hey everyone, let’s just kick it right off with the big information: Second City Hockey is looking for a new assistant editor to join our team with the 2017 NHL Playoffs just around the corner. This will be a PAID position via a monthly stipend provided by Vox Media, our parent company.

If you’re familiar with what we do around these parts, you know that Brandon and I put in a lot of effort to keep the wheels in motion all the time. As we try to improve upon what we do and hopefully expand into some other areas (such as podcasts, video, etc.), we’re looking for a self-starter who is passionate about writing and hockey to join our team.

In addition to receiving a monthly stipend for your work (think beer money, not rent money, unfortunately), we boast one of the largest audiences for any Blackhawks-related outlet with millions of pageviews each year.

With all that out of the way, here’s some of what we’re ideally looking for here:

  • Passion about hockey is the big thing. This gig doesn’t have a ton of oversight beyond myself, so to some degree, it’s up to the individual to do the best job possible. Maybe that means hopping on a quick news story when nobody else is around, or being active in brainstorming new, insightful post ideas.
  • Flexibility with time, as we often need help at night for game coverage.
  • Past writing experience, and specifically sports writing experience, is preferred. We’d love to have someone who has already started carving out their voice as a writer or analyst to add some flavor. Clean copy is also preferred.
  • Copy editing! I try to cover as many of our posts as I can for accuracy, style, spelling, grammar, etc., but having another set of eyes who is comfortable doing that kind of stuff would be great.
  • If you have video editing or photoshopping ability, that would be a great bonus as we try to look into different kinds of content going forward. Not a requirement, though.
  • Again, passion!!! This is supposed to be fun for everyone involved more than anything, and you’ll get to work with me! Who is more fun than me?? (Don’t actually try to answer that in your email)/

Anyway, that’s pretty much everything! I can provide more information on the role if you apply, and I’ll be looking for emails (satcheleprice @ gmail) for all of your submissions! (UPDATE: To make things easier on everyone, if you’re able to send any writing examples, a resume, Twitter accounts you run, etc. when reaching out, that’ll make it easier for me to pour through submissions. I’m going to start replying to everyone soon, thank you!)

As always, thanks for reading, and thank you ahead of time to everyone who applies!