Second City Hockey is looking for paid contributors

Please apply!

Every few weeks, I hear from people who are interested in contributing to Second City Hockey, but due to budget limitations and various other factors, we’ve been unable to really expand the team to the size I’ve felt would be necessary to give the best 24/7 Blackhawks coverage possible.

But as we near the midway point of the 2017-18 season, I got some pretty great news as we’ll be taking applications to add three new contributors for paid positions starting soon.

I mentioned this briefly on Twitter before but essentially we’re hoping to expand upon what we already do and take our Blackhawks coverage to the next level as the team hopefully gears up for another playoff run. Here’s more information, and please apply if you’re interested!

What kind of contributors are we looking for?

Here are some examples of the kinds of contributors we’d be interested in adding to the team:

  • A Blackhawks columnist who can comfortably use statistical analysis to make interesting observations, research claims, and form compelling arguments about hockey.
  • An IceHogs contributor who can regularly help with coverage of the team, including game updates, analysis, and potentially live reporting if you’re close enough to Rockford
  • A jack-of-all-trades assistant editor who will help with writing posts, but also managing social media, copy editing, updating the front page layout, and other basic editorial tasks
  • A multimedia contributor who could help us create custom videos, graphics, and/or GIFs, as well potentially help to set up an SCH podcast/

Who should apply?

We’d love to hear from anyone — seriously, anyone, come one and come all —  who is passionate about the Blackhawks and capable of working independently, but the ideal candidates will also have the following:

  • Prior writing experience, preferably covering the Blackhawks
  • A social media presence, including Twitter
  • A strong understanding of hockey strategies and advanced statistics
  • A passion for hockey and the community at large
  • Easy to reach because we will typically be working remotely
  • Fun people because we are extremely fun/

What else do I need to know?

We will be hiring for three separate paid positions that will each pay a monthly stipend. There will be post requirements for paid contributors, although we’re willing to be flexible there, particularly if the contributor in question is also helping the website in other ways. Upon hiring, you will need to sign a freelance contracting agreement with Vox Media Inc., the parent company of SB Nation.

How should I apply?

Apply to join our team by emailing Satchel Price at with the subject line: “Second City Hockey application.” Please include which position or positions you’re interested in, a resume and, if possible, examples of past written work. It’s preferred if those writing examples are about hockey or the Blackhawks.

We’ll be taking applications for this round of hires for the next week, so until the end of Monday, Dec. 11. Depending on how many people apply, I will try to get back to everyone, but we’re aiming to have hires in place within two weeks, so that’ll be Dec. 18.

I look forward to reading everyone’s applications and building out the SCH team to be better than it’s ever been. If you have any questions, reach out or add them in the comments.

UPDATE: Alright, we’re closing submissions as of now, so thank you to the many people who applied! It’s going to take a bit for me to read through them all and send out responses, but you can expect to see an email in the next few days if we think there’s a fit. It’s definitely exciting seeing how many people want to join our team. Thank you! - Satchel