Stan Bowman Gets His Own Extension

The Blackhawks have announced today that they have given General Manager Stan Bowman a two year contract extension.

Blackhawks' GM Stan Bowman has spent the last couple of weeks signing contract extensions for some of his players, but today he gets to sign one of his own. Bowman, the NHL's youngest GM and only one to win more than one Stanley Cup in the salary cap era, is now signed through the 2017-18 season.

For some reason, Bowman still has his haters and detractors out there.  Some people still blame him for dismantling the 2010 team, which was not his doing. Others get upset because he does not make the big splash in free agency or the huge blockbuster trade at the deadline.  Bowman will not do either of those because he doesn't have to! General managers who have to over pay for free agents and at the trade deadline are doing so because of the inability to build within.  This is not a problem for Stan Bowman.

StanBo has won two Cups in four years. He has his core players locked up (and yes, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane will be locked up as well). He has the farm system stocked with good, young talent. Not sure what else you could want out of your GM?