Now that the Hawks have emerged from the first round of the playoffs, it's very clear that everything we've all been doing at home has propelled them to victory. This post is just an open thread to find out what everyone has been doing to keep the Hawks alive and kicking. I have more than my fair share of things that have clearly had a direct cause and effect relationship with the Hawks' season to this point.

Obviously, I have not shaved since before the playoffs stared. But I've also not gotten a haircut since last June, right after last hockey season ended. Before home games, the pregame playlist must include The Gaslight Anthem's "Drive", Propaghandi's "Dear Coach's Corner", and Mastodon's "Divinations" and "Colony of Birchmen". If I am attending the game, I have to drive down Western Ave to the UC, never Ashland. I must buy a copy of The Indian from Sam (as everyone should) outside of Gate 3. Of our two season seats, I have to be in seat #13. And at home games, I must have my Patrick Sharp sweater on over the top of my Lawrence Arms hooded sweatshirt.

For road games, I make sure to completely avoid that playlist, and I do not wear my sweater or any other Blackhawks related apparel.

So...what are the nonsensical things everyone else does in the name of Blackhawks victory?