The First Annual SCH Blackhawks GIF Tournament is here!

Submit your favorite gif. Get people to rec it. Win fame and glory.

Throughout the season, the Blackhawks have gifted us with a huge number of hilarious, touching, awesome, and amazing moments that are perfectly captured in gif form all over the internet. It's about time we figure out which gif shall rule them all. Unlike the gloriously drunk Mr. Crawford in the header image, the winner won't get a championship belt to brandish while cussin' like a trucker on national television. Sadly. But you will be showered in the envy of your peers and the adulation of the commentariat, and have your accomplishment go down in the annals of SCH history.

This is the nomination post! Post your favorite gif or gifs in the comments here. The 16 gifs that get the most recs will make it into the contest, and then we'll go head to head, seeding by rank and doing a tournament style elimination until we're down to the final two, for the Championship. We'll leave nominations open until Tuesday, so as many people as possible have a chance to get their favorite gif nominated, and rec their favorites in turn.

Since I am familiar with you hooligans, there will be some rules. I don't think they're particularly onerous, but they will be enforced, so learn 'em, live 'em, love 'em:

  1. Only gifs from this past season (this does include the lockout months) are eligible. So, for example, your gif of Mike Smith whacking away at the poor goalposts with his stick from the 2012 playoff series isn't eligible, but that wrestler guy in Switzerland picking up Kaner and Seguin like sacks of rice would get in.
  2. Only gifs directly relating to the Blackhawks are eligible. No melodramatic squirrels or dogs singing "i looove you" (unless it's one of the Blackhawk dogs or that Labrador Retriever who crapped on Sharpie's lawn, guaranteeing our playoff wins).
  3. You do not have to create your own gifs, but if you know who did create them, credit that person when you post. It's just polite.
  4. The Frolik penalty shot gif has been declared ineligible. It wouldn't be fair to the others, since it's been posted, discussed, and admired so many times, and it's such a favorite we all know anything else would just be competing for second place. This includes all the manips, including the one with the band, the one with the Cup, and so on.
  5. Post as many gifs as you want in this, the nomination post. If people post duplicates, the first post by timestamp is the one we'll consider.
  6. It's totally fair to recruit your friends, relatives, and random coworkers to vote for your favorite gif. Just remember that SCH has a 24 hour waiting period before you can comment or rec, so be sure to get them lined up in time.

If you're not sure how to post a gif, I've created a handy-dandy cheat sheet for all your picture- and gif-posting needs.

So go forth. Find your favorite moment of the Blackhawks 2012-2013 season in gif form. Post it here. And we'll figure out which gif is the very best!

Edited to add: 7. Please only post one gif per comment! Any doubles will be disqualified, since we have no idea which one people are reccing.