The season finale of Soup and a Sandwich gets intense

Season finale?! Noooo, we need season two ASAP!

Wednesday afternoons are the best. Why? Because it’s Soup and a Sandwich time, of course!

Soup and a Sandwich, the greatest web show starring Brian Campbell and his sidekick Artemi Panarin, discussing all things soup and sandwich-related in the back of a kitchen pantry, for reasons. It’s been a genuine joy each and every week it’s been on, and this week - which is apparently the season finale - is no exception.

Campbell starts things off, as he usually does. Things have gotten a bit dicey between him and Panarin throughout the show, but he reaches out to his teammate in his own native language - and Panarin lets the words fly.

I don’t know any Russian. I have no idea what Panarin is saying, or how anyone can ramble on about soup like that (I presume) for a solid half minute, but he clearly has an affect on Campbell.

If we’re being honest with ourselves, though, this truly is the conclusion Soup and a Sandwich has been building to - whatever this is.

It’s genius. It’s art. It’s Soup and a Sandwich.

But we can’t let it end there. Please let there be a season two - it’s what the people need.