Theo Fleury is going to try baseball

I can only sit back and laugh:

Former Calgary Flame captain Theo Fleury is set to make his debut as a professional baseball player this Saturday. Fleury is expected to sign a Golden League contract with the Calgary Vipers, a team he has been taking batting practice with all week. Fleury, who operates a concrete flooring business in Calgary, is expected to play Saturday when the Vipers take on the Yuma Scorpions in a double-header Saturday beginning at 5:05 p.m. (MT).

What in the world? Why would Theo, at age 40, want to try baseball at this point? The guy apparently still isn't quite right in the head, and now he's going to try a new sport? What a joke. I'm still a little bitter over the circus that Fleury created with the infamous Columbus strip club incident back in 2003, and right now this guy should be trying to get his life together instead of trying new sports. Good luck, Theo, you're definitely going to need it.