Tracey Myers leaving NBC Sports Chicago for

She’s going from the Blackhawks beat to being a regional writer.

Longtime Blackhawks beat writer Tracey Myers is leaving NBC Sports Chicago for a new gig at She announced the news Tuesday afternoon after it was first reported by local media journalist Robert Feder.

Myers began covering the Blackhawks during the 2010-11 season and has been the top reporter for NBC Sports Chicago, previously known as CSN Chicago, for the past several years. She’s done written work and also contributed to the Blackhawks’ television broadcasts.

Now her role may be changing a bit as she transitions from one of the NHL’s broadcast rights holders to the NHL itself. The league’s official website has correspondents in every city. Brian Hedger, the Blackhawks’ previous correspondent, left that gig to join the Blue Jackets’ media contingent earlier this year.

However, already brought in NBC Sports Chicago’s Charlie Roumeliotis to help fill that role, and Myers says she’s being brought in as a regional writer, so it appears she’s taking on a larger role than that. It’s likely going to be similar to how Amalie Benjamin left the Boston Globe to become a Boston-based feature writer for the website.

Losing a writer from the Blackhawks beat is never good news around these parts, but Myers will still be based in Chicago and presumably covering the team often. We wish her the best of luck in her new gig.