Trade deadlines, Sharp Interviews and steroids

The guys over at Illegal Curve were kind enough to ask me to write up a trade deadline preview for the Blackhawks over on their site and that's finally up.  Head on over there not only to see how wrong I am - but check out what other bloggers have to say about their teams as well.  It's a good long read.  Feel free to start discussing what trade chips the Hawks have here and what they need.

Also, they let me know that they're having Patrick Sharp on their radio show tonight and that obviously could be a very interesting interview.  The show is streaming live at 8:00 PM CST tonight and there's a link to listen to the show here.

Finally - I know I've been slacking on the weekly polls but I put up a new one for this week that is inspiried by A-Roid... The comments are open in this thread to discuss your thoughts on that topic too.

Do you think steroids (or any other PEDs) are widely used in the NHL?

Who cares?7
I have no idea21