WATCH: Scott Darling’s work in the crease

He does a ton for someone who can’t go very far.

It takes a lot of work to be an NHL goaltender.

Well, obviously; it takes a lot of work to be an NHL player, period. But goaltenders can sometimes be forgotten. After all, if the Blackhawks are in the offensive zone, we aren’t exactly seeing any of Corey Crawford or Scott Darling. That’s a fair portion of the game to not be watching a pretty key player.

But this vine from the Blackhawks really does a great job summing up just how much a goalie has to do. Sure, it’s sped up in order to be condensed into six seconds - but look at Darling go.

What’s crazy is just how much is going on while Darling barely travels any actual distance. To not only have the mental fortitude to play the position, but also the athleticism to do so much in such a small area? Goaltenders are amazing.