2013 SCH Gif Tournament: Harding Division Semifinal #1

Our final Division comes to play, and we close out the Semifinals strong!

The Harding Division.  Called into action when the Backstrom Division injured itself in warmups.  Of uncertain health.  Far more dangerous than expected.

It's theorized that Captain Serious isn't always so serious, and our first entry in the Harding Division proves that without a doubt.  From a charity game during the lockout (I get the feeling there have  never before been so many well-attended charity games as during lockout-time, both for players and fans), Toews goes bowling for teammates.  And hits an apparent strike. Great form, too!

Pat Foley is as much a part of Blackhawks lore and legend as the team itself.  And when he puts on the giant glasses, drinks some beer, and does his best Harry Caray impression, it's absolutely epic.

Toews Goes Bowling (submitted by lizmcneill):


vs. Drunk Harry Caray (submitted by  RS89):


For whatever reason, the Pat Foley gif won't play in this post.  We've tried about six different uploads, and none of them are willing to do anything but sit there, static (I think the rules on gif size in main posts are different, and it's just too large).  However, It's playing just fine

right here

so go take a look, if you need reminding how awesome this impersonation was!

Vote your favorite into the semifinal, and we're heading to part 2.

2013 SCH Gif Tournament: Harding Div Semifinal #1

Toews Goes Bowling113
Drunk Foley54