2013 SCH Gif Tournament: Howard Division Final

Dave Bolland dominates our Howard Final!

I have to admit, some of the voting in this tournament has not gone quite as I'd anticipated.  Low seeds have crushed high seeds, and gifs with tons of vocal support haven't progressed. And sometimes, my favorites get eliminated, as is the case with the Sharpy Handslap being defeated by Bolly's game winner from the SCF game 6.  But that's why this series is called the Gif Tournament, and not "Nineteen88's Favorite Gifs From 2013: A Retrospective."  The people have chosen, and the winners move on!

And it's not like the Bolland's GWG isn't completely amazing. There are no losers here, really.

Here's your full bracket, for reference:


No matter who wins this matchup, Dave Bolland is moving on.  His high Giffability factor is just another reason he'll be missed in the Hawks lineup.  I hope the Leafs appreciate what they've got, here.

Bolly SCF GWG:


vs. Bolly Master Troll:


Vote your favorite into the Conference Final!

Howard Division Final

Bolly's Cup GWG75
Bolly Master Troll103