2013 SCH Gif Tournament: Howard Division Semifinal #2

The second matchup from the Howard Division.

The Howard Division features a lot of Dave Bolland, our beloved Playoff Rat who's off to harass the Leafs' opponents now.  We'll miss you, Bolly! Fittingly, this matchup showcases his fantastic ability to get under the skin of our dearly hated rivals the Blues.

And then we have the already-legendary DDN Danceoff gif, where both Kane and Toews proved it's a damn good thing they're both absolutely amazing at playing hockey, because their dancing careers would be...short, and probably very sad.  But Kaner gives 100% and the results are simply outstanding.

Here's your matchup.

Bolly Master Troll (that flinch is epic) (submitted by birdie):


vs. Kaner's Danceoff Shuffle (clear winner over the moonwalk) (submitted by lizmcneill):


Tough choice.  Both have great Blackhawks showing off their extracurricular skills.  Both are great moments in Hawks history.  Vote for your favorite!

2013 SCH Gif Tournament: Howard Division Semifinal #2

Bolly Master Troll123
Kaner Danceoff82