A Couple Quick Things Before It All Goes Down

-Last call for Toews-Face Entrants:.  Enter your entry in the comments of this post, and if we use it in Wednesday's Indian you'll get a free subscription for the rest of the season.  Or something.  Don't worry, already got you, Chi.

-Secondly, EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT!  The Bottom Lounge (1375 W. Lake St.) will be hosting our first Second City/Committed Indian Post-game Party on Wednesday.  So if you're going to the game, come to the Bottom Lounge after as there will be plenty of discounted and free drinks and the like.  The food there is also pretty kick-ass, so if you don't get in a dinner before the game, come have one after.

-Lastly: Second City Hockey's Podcast, "Live From The Five Hole" with special guest Josh Mora will be posted tomorrow night, so keep an eye out for it.  It'll be a little rough, it's our first attempt and all.  But we'll get it right eventually.