Artem Anisimov’s kids are going to be in the NHL in no time

He put together a montage of them training to Eye of the Tiger. Anisimov is amazing.

It takes a lot of work to be a professional athlete. We don’t see most of what constitutes a work day for these guys, though; we aren’t there for the hours spent training and getting (and keeping) the body into peak physical condition, we usually just see them in games.

But that doesn’t mean they all aren’t working hard every day.

Here’s my question, though... are they working as hard as Artem Anisimov’s kids? Because at this rate, they’re going to be in the NHL in no time.


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Eye of the Tiger gets you pumped for anything, doesn’t it?

Not only is the NHL going to have to watch out for the next generation of Anisimovs - but apparently Artem has some video editing skills of his own. Who knew?

This is a family that can, evidently, do anything they put their minds to.