Ask Us Anything - Answers (Pt. 2)

This looked like fun so I decided to take a spin at it too. If you have more questions or follow ups, just post them in the original thread.

Twangy Wilco or new Jammy Wilco? - Banjo Legs

I've never been the biggest Wilco fan in general so it's all kinda good to me. I guess for a while Being There was in a pretty constant rotation for when I felt like being a sad bastard or had just discovered mind altering substances in college (also great nighttime driving album.. not under any influences though) so I might be a fan of the twangier stuff. I thought the latest album that just came out was solid too. Bands that always sound the same are boring. Somehow Mike Ness pulls it off though. Eh fuck it, I'm putting on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot while writing this..

Oh - I absolutely love this Wilco cover though.

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Did Taylor Swift fire a manager prior to releasing this wretched excuse for a song? Is Avril Lavigne feeding her awful advice, ala wormtounge from LOTR? - OMFS88

I honestly have no idea what song you're talking about. Why are you listening to Taylor Swift anyway? Also, didn't that Avril chick just marry the singer from Nickleback? Could be her doing, she's obviously full of bad ideas..

What kind of gift do I get my month old grandson for his christening? - cdz3210

Do they make Hossa jerseys that small? If so, get him that.

Of the three of you:
1. Who knows the most about hockey in general?
2. Who knows the most about the Blackhawks, past and present?
3. And some other question, but this one is funny.

1. Of the three of us, McClure is the only one who has spent a significant part of his life playing hockey. i don't know when he started but he played in college and still goofs around in beer leagues and what not. So I'd say he knows far more about the actual x's and o's and can pick up on things that I still can't. I only ever played floor and roller hockey as a kid.. doesn't translate all that well. I don't think Fels has ever played much either. McClure certainly knows more about how the game is played than either of us.

2. This one is a close one between the other two guys. They grew up around the area and have watched the team as long as they've been around. I'm a bit more of a late comer so I don't have all the same memories that comes from growing up with the team. Of the two, Fels has a pretty scary mind for some obscure details sometimes. Not for anything that really matters... just on bullshit like the starting lineup for some mid-August baseball game in '03

3.... Pig that good, you don't eat 'em all at once

Do you mind if we dance with your dates? - K_Dog

Sometimes you gotta dance with who you came to the dance with.

Music Question - Alice In Chains: Why do you believe their last record, Black Give Way To Blue, sucked or missed the mark? - allhawks

Clearly a question for Fels... I've always thought Alice In Chains kinda sucked. For those keeping track, i just started listening to Shellac in an attempt to drown out the ice cream truck that seems to park directly outside my window every night for a few hours.

Like, who cut your hair, man? - 334Rules

I know this is a joke question but I always go to Joe's Barbershop on Fullerton. They serve cans of Daisy Cutter while you wait. It's also where I go to get a straight razor shave before the Hawks playoff run. Everyone should go there.. they're the fucking best. And now maybe I'll get a free beer if Joe Jr. reads this.

Is this the real life? - Skeen

I'm not going to bother with this question. I wanted to just have it on record that Mr. Pibb is superior to Dr. Pepper in every way imaginable.

Have any of you gone paintballing and if you do, what mask is best so I don't fog up and spend 100 for a new one? -Jrs23

Be a man and play without a mask.

Or you know.. whatever. I've never played.

If hockey is cancelled/delayed, how will that affect the publication of the Committed Indian as well as your new website? (Don’t the owners and players see how their stubbornness impacts all the small businesses that rely on their sport for business?) -Preacher000

Well, without hockey games to write about it's going to make Sam's job a hell of a lot harder than it is generally is during the winter. I haven't talked it over with him but I wouldn't be shocked to see some more of these online only issues that deal with topics other than hockey. So I would expect a lot more about the Bears and how they're struggling since their starting QB is a cat and their backup is a guy who couldn't cut it with the Redskins (says the guy who owns a Chris Cooley jersey).

As for the website, we'll definitely launch it and try to update as much as possible with as much hockey information as we can find. I would think a lot of following any Hawks that head over to the KHL or anywhere else as well as more articles like we (read: sam) have been posting. So the site will still launch in mid to late September if everything goes well and we'll figure it out from there. Expect a lot of us interviewing other website authors asking what they're doing to stay sane. I've got a few others plans though so we should have some stuff. Also, a lot more like this which is nothing more than a shameless ploy for easy content - Thanks guys!

Does this signal the end of times - - Speed3

No. But does it surprise anyone that these mouthbreathers who thought it was kinda fun were Cardinal fans? That city could not be more pathetic and devoid of culture if they tried. They're fucking entertained by just about anything out there. Also, a two page article about 'Bee's and not a single mention of Karl Welzein? Really steamed, you guys.

Hey that was fun - Fels or I may even be around to answer more questions tomorrow. Filler!