Ask Us Anything

So we're at the pit of boredom. The CBA negotiations aren't likely to yield much that we want to talk or think about. There's a holiday weekend coming, and your mind is probably wherever you're headed for it, even if that's the couch. We could be months from hockey, and unless you're one of those weirdos that's into college football because you're emotionally stunted than real football is still just a bit too far away to start getting really jazzed (though my fantasy draft is Thursday which means I should probably start drinking now).

So I'm going to steal a page from the Afternoon Show on The Score, or the midday show, I can't tell which it is these days, and open up the comments to this for "Ask Us Anything". And i mean anything. Anything you've ever wanted to know about us, or the site, or whatever. Life, hockey, music, anything, I don't care. I'll answer as many as I can tomorrow and maybe the next day.

Of course, there is some limit to what you can ask, and you should be able to figure that out through common sense. If you don't, clearly we won't answer it.

Ok, as I hold my breath, have at it: