Atop The Sugar Pile 3/10

Ah, once again my colleagues have fallen asleep at the guard, and I have stolen in to steer this might and dangerous ship to shores only I deem necessary. No, I don't know what that means either but here we are, and this is what happens when the Hawks don't have a home game for a week and I go loopy. Anyway, to the bluffs!

The Terrifying Lows

Coach Q - Seems harsh I know, but starting Corey Crawford for a 12th straight game against the elderly man flaccid Florida Panthers just didn't line up in the same neighborhood as sense. It was obvious, even aside from the brilliant 3rd period against Toronto that Crow was wearing down, as he had his spotty periods and goals against Carolina, and Calgary, and Phoenix before that. To boot, against a Lightning team that has no mobile defenseman and turned the neutral zone into a flash mob dance party, Q opted to sit his fastest and most straight line player in Viktor Stalberg for Fernando Pisani. Would the Hawks have won those games if those two decisions had been reversed? Hard to say, but it couldn't have possibly hurt.

Corey Crawford - Again, harsh. But no one's excusing that first period against Florida, when at least the first two goals were preventable. His 3rd period against Carolina won't inspire too many songs either. And while his 3rd period against Toronto was above par as the rest of the team dropped off, they still scored twice. Clearly in need of a rest, and hopefully he'll get it. But the smart money says that he starts on Sunday, and if that goes well he'll be wheeled right back out there Monday night, oxygen tank and all.

The NHL's tenuous relationship with logic - I know this is not an NHL-wide discussion, but everyone got a good look at how much of a Python routine this league is. Pavel Kubina brains Dave Bolland and there's no call, but now he's suspended. What about discipline for the refs who missed a simple assault? Oh, they won't get playoff games? Big deal. Make an example and show you care. Going further is that Zdeno Chara saw no discipline for a hit the fucking police are taking a look into. 14 seconds left in a period that was already decided and two players who have a history? Are we seriously going to believe this was just a random occurrence? Did Chara mean to nearly cripple Pacioretty? Probably not, but he did. So how's he getting off scot-free? It was still reckless and dangerous.

Oh, and there's this shootout thing in which they've already stripped of credibility through the tie-breakers and the fact that they don't have the balls to use it simply for a Win-Loss standings system, so they clearly believe in ties but don't want to go that far. But MLS can. Mo-rons. And now there are apparently no rules applied to them any more.

The Dizzying Highs

Jonathan Toews - Well on a train, I met a dame. She rather handsome, we kinda look the same. She was pretty from New York City. I'm walkin' down that old fair lane I'm in heat, I'm in love, but I just couldn't tell her so.

Toews kept a rolin' all night long, Toews kept a rollin' all night long...

Patrick Kane - 5 points in four games, three goals as well. He's playing his best hockey, all after that kerfluffle. Hmm.....

The Creamy Middles

Michael Frolik - Maybe I'm blowing this trumpet too much (good for him), but I like more and more what I see from Fro. Last night he shifted to center in Bolland's absence and certainly didn't look out of place. He continues to be lively, and that's not easy with Jake Dowell as your center. He's also sharp in his own zone. One day, and I hope it's soon, I'd like to see him on a line with Toews and Hossa. Just to see. But wherever he's been, he's been active.

Marian Hossa - My name is Marian, and I kick ass for the Lord!! (special points to anyone who gets that). Did anyone else forget to notice he's a couple multi-point games from being a point-per-game this year?