But They Couldn't Stop Jack From Being Happy

Brief thoughts from last night:

-I've thought for most of training camp that Jack Skille would have to go out of his way to blow a roster spot, and last night was the complete opposite of that. Skille was the best Hawk, against modest competition admittedly, even creating a short-handed chance. This is vital, because if Skille is on Bolland's wing on Oct. 7th he will be expected to kill penalties.

-Fernando Pisani looks to be all right. Nothing more, nothing less, until he gets hurt.

-We saw why the Hawks are so high on Lalonde, and why he's headed back to Rockford today.  The pass to Dowell, the complete undressing by Filppula.

-Osgood should save the competent performances for this 20 starts in the regular season, but it's fine with me if he wastes them now.

-I think watching Turco and his style is going to give me heartburn, but he still very athletic and can make up for it.  Oh, and he doesn't glove pucks like he's being attacked by bees.

-John Scott wasn't terrible. That's an upset.