But They've Got Guts, And Guts Is Enough: Hawks 3 - Some People Masquerading As The Kings 0

On the podcast, McClure and I chortled at the suggestion made in some circles that the Hawks lacked guts, or heart. May we present tonight as Exhibit A of the opposite. Down three d-men, having played last night and gotten jobbed doing so, against a playoff team that had been off since Sunday, the Hawks stinkfisted the Kings for 3 periods tonight. Sure, the Kings were pretty awful, but they had some help in that department from the opponent.

Here are you CORSI ratings.  They're pretty hilarious. They also give you a pretty good idea of who the player of the game is.  Oh, and I should also point out that after all of our worrying and teeth-knashing (me included) you're a fan of the #1 seed in the West right now.  If you think the Hawks are struggling, that team from Wine and Computer Country has lost their past two games by a combined 9-3.  In fact, the Yotes are starting to breathe right down their neck.

Look, I could go through all three periods and the big points, but they all look the same. The Hawks smothering the Kings, Antti Niemi an absolute spectator, and creating few-few more chances against Jonathan Quick. How many big saves did Niemi make? Three? And this is without Biscuit, Phantom, and Johnsson. Play like this from here on out, and Killion's beard could start in net and it won't matter. Yes, in the 1st period the Hawks passing looked like drunken donkeys trying to put on a production of Street Car. But considering the circumstances that they kept the Kings at bay, I'll let it pass.

Anyway, the dam finally broke when Kane was allowed to walk right around Rob Scuderi (after a nifty break up of a play by Jordan Hendry -- not his only one of the night either) and make straight for the net. The ensuing scramble saw Troy Brouwer slam home his 20th (I will now pat myself on the back once again). For all of this period, the Hawks made the Kings look like The Gimp. They managed only three shots in that frame, none of them in the neighborhood of threatening.

It all ended in the 3rd, when Jonathan Quick let a real softie in from kopecky.  But we'll take it.  Kopecky was able to cash in on the next shift after a scramble in front.  And that my friends, was that.


-The 4th line looked so much better with Buff off of it. Kopecky's earned himself another game at least.

-Speaking of which, once again Buff looked just fine as a d-man. I'm sure Rozner will be cranking out the old "If we'd kept Buff at D we wouldn't need Campbell" column tomorrow. I stress SAMPLE SIZE. I'll still shiver when one team figures out to attack him, and when he gets isolated against a forward with a clue. But for tonight, it was a job well done.

-Every line contributed, and it would have been nice to see Bolland's line get on the scoresheet. They're starting to click, it looks.

-Who's surprised the Hawks weren't called for any penalties by the same crew that fucked them in the ass last night? Anyone?

-We don't have a record on this, but thanks to everyone as we're pretty sure we set a regular season record for comments in a game thread tonight.

-I think I've seen enough of Nick Boynton already. Hurry back, Kim.

-This just in: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead, and the power play is still clown shoes. But maybe I shouldn't be so harsh when it's missing two of its QB's.

-This reminds me of the Carolina win last year, when the Hawks gutted out two points in the midst of injuries and not playing well. That game spurred the final close, and hopefully this will do the same. It will be a much sterner test Saturday night, but two points there and no one will complain about the results of this roadtrip.

Player Of The Game

Yes, Kopecky had two goals, but there was one player who made play after play from the opening draw to the closing bell, and had a huge hand in making sure we didn't have to hear Fucking Randy Fucking Newman once tonight.

Oh you know what? We don't have a pic or a funny name or even a photoshop for Jordan Hendry. But he's the one, and you can come up with one.