Can we move on now please? Kanes Plead Guilty to a Non-Criminal Charge

Finally, this story seems to have died. Earlier today, Patrick Kane and his cousin both pleaded (pled?) guilty to disorderly conduct and learned their fate - pay $125 each in court fees (and those courts better have exact change goddammit!) along with a written apology to the Cabbie(autograph!). Of course it is a conditional discharge - meaning both the Kanes will have to stay out of trouble for a year so hopefully the courts don't look down upon double minors for high sticking because otherwise Kane is fucked.

I'm sure there are going to be those saying Kane got off easy due to his celebrity status - which could be valid.  But it seems there's still plenty we don't know about how this all goes down.  Plus according to Buffalo News, Chief City Judge Thomas P. Amodeo said he would have imposed the same sentence on anyone else with no priors.  If he wanted to though, he could have put the Kanes in jail for 15 days and fined them $250.

Kane only had the standard "vow to put this behind me" line to give and didn't answer any questions from reporters - so I guess we sent McClure out there for nothing..  damn.