This Is A Call To All

So, the three of us have been told at different times, by various people, that if we wanted to, we could, sort of, in a way, possibly, kinda wield some influence.  Well, I'm gonna test it out.  All season, I listened to fan after fan complain about our new goal song.  Well, let's do something about it.  We've had numerous posts about it here, but it was more a discussion about it amongst ourselves.  It's time to take it to the streets.  Here's my latest suggestion.

Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild (via ChrisEddie1401)

This used to be the song the Hawks hit the ice to, and I'd like to bring it back in another form. Specifically, the opening riff spliced into the call and response part after the second chorus, to sort of mimic the Rangers goal song. But you all have your ideas, the important thing is we express is the Game Presentation brass how dissatisfied we are with the current one. The Executive Producer of Gameday Presentation is Tom O'Grady. You're all bright people, I'm sure you can figure out how to reach him. Do so, make your distaste for Chelsea Dagger known to the people who matter, and maybe we can have our way for once.

What do you think of The Fratellis' "Chelsea Dagger" as the Blackhawks goal song?

Love It175
Like It128
Dislike it46
I'd rather have Matt Walker back than hear that song again70