Can't Stand up. Can't cool down. Can't get my head off the ground. Hawks- Canucks game 1 preview.

Hey kids. Ombudsman here. Sam is off peddlig the Indian and McClure and Killion are off to see Hannah Montanna. Or maybe it's Hannah Barberra. You never can tell with those two.

Anyway, this is the preview. I wish I knew what to tell you other than this series could be over quickly. If the Hawks jump out early and Kessler and Co. go into cheap shot mode, the Hawks can slant this series high and deep in their favor.

Watch for Luogo's glove and Byfuglien's Ass. Whichever is more accurately placed is going to go a long way to determining the winer. And they won't be that far apart. Okay, I'm feeling kinda filthy after that.

I might be told what to do to insert period breaks onto this sight. Otherwise I'm told they'll have to be "FanPosts" whatever those are. Not the tightest run ship here at SCH. But we have wicked tunes an good beer.

Let's Go Hawks.

Oh right- Welcome Vancouver fans. Welcome to the sight. Feel free to join in the iscussio. Just know the difference between being a fan an being an asswipe.