Check out this awesome Corey Crawford goalie mask pumpkin

A pumpkin probably does not provide good protection, but this one looks awesome.

October is a time for many things. One of the most underrated? Pumpkin art.

Sure, there’s the traditional act of carving a pumpkin. Some people get really creative with it; many don’t. But painting a pumpkin is not quite as common.

How about painting a pumpkin to look like Corey Crawford’s mask? That’s exactly what Molly Lynch did, and it came out amazing.

I can’t imagine painting on a pumpkin is easy, but she really nailed it, especially considering the Blackhawks’ logo is probably more difficult than most to draw, let alone paint on an uneven surface. And the pipe cleaner cage is a particularly awesome touch.

Major props to Molly on this one - this is definitely going to be one of the best-looking pumpkins of the season.