Duncan Keith has his own cereal

Do you have your box of Keith Krunch?

What better way to start the day than with a bowl of Keith Krunch?

Duncan Keith and his charity, Keith Relief, have branched out into the cereal market. The best part about it - other than being on a cereal box, which is pretty cool in and of itself - is that it’s charitable, and helps families get families through medical crises they may experience.

Via The Atlantic, it sounds like Keith is bringing it into the Blackhawks’ room, too, so his teammates will all have their ideal breakfast option.

He also talks about the name...

“I don’t hit a whole lot, but crunch is, you know, it’s good, it’s crunchy.”

Crunchy is good! Keith’s style off the ice can be crunchy.

I you don’t have a Jewel-Osco, where they’re sold, near you, or if you’re an out of town fan, good news: you can get Keith Krunch online via PLB Sports, too.