Colin Campbell issues two-minute suspension on Cammalleri

In case you haven't seen it - here's Cammalleri's utter bitch-move cheap shot on J.H.C. last night:

Now here's the joke Colin Campbell's quote about it:

"When Cammalleri hit Havlat, there was a lot of risk to doing that. He took a two-minute penalty in a game where there could have been ramifications for doing that. But there are no ramifications when you're losing 4-1 with six seconds left."

So I guess that means you can do damn well anything you want provided you make sure the refs see it and give you a two minute penalty if the game is close.. good to know

Oh - and Cammalleri's penalty was for "high-sticking"... or as's boxscores are saying " Hi-sticking"... the hell?