Second City Hockey goes on the Radio - no one gets fired

As we pimped several times on the blog - Geoff Pinkus was kind enough to ask us over to his show following last night's game.  Or rather, his producer was nice enough to ask.

Sadly, I can't seem to find a recording of the show or any kind of podcast.  I've emailed the producer seeing if she could hook us up with something but so far I haven't heard back.  I got the impression that she was very worried about us being on after seeing who showed up, which is understandable.  If she gets back to me with anything I'll post it.

When we got the invite to go on the show, I assumed Geoff had read the blog/magazine and wanted us to be guests and I thought "wow, maybe we're awesome"... Yeah, that wasn't the case.  More likely, it seemed he asked his producer to get him someone to talk about the Hawks and we were the first to show up on google or something.  Either way, it was cool to get the invite.

Here's the obvious problem though, we aren't very professional.  And it was after the first Hawks playoff game in years.  and that game went to OT.  and we all like to have a few at games.  Now, we weren't wasted but with all the excitement following the game plus whatever alcohol we may have had means we weren't exactly in the clearest state of mind.

That lead to the exchange I wrote about earlier - they ask us who is who, who does what and that sort of thing before pretty randomly asking "Are you guys sober?"  Now Sam and I were fairly sober at that point but I think McClure had more than us so we made him our scapegoat.  We reacted to their request for him to sit out of the first part of the interview as a joke but looking back on it, I think they were serious.  Either way McClure was in there with Sam and I for the whole thing.

We spent most of the interview talking about what The Committed Indian is all about (Geoff seemed pretty impressed with it and kept calling Sam an "entrepreneur"), what our blog is like and other random things.. good times.  We were in there for about 30-45 minutes.

The most surprising news is that none of us cussed during the interview, I think - Sam said "ass" but I think that's ok, right?  They told us we couldn't say "pissed" so I'm not sure..

A very cool experience and yet another thing I never thought would happen when starting this up... Next stop, Rush Limbaugh