Eric Semborski won’t get paid to be Blackhawks’ emergency backup goalie, per report

I guess one of the sweetest seats in the house is enough compensation.

The Chicago Blackhawks had to call upon 23-year-old Eric Semborski to be their emergency backup goalie against the Philadelphia Flyers on Saturday. What does a young man get paid for the unexpected task of scrambling to the arena, suiting up, and spending an NHL game ready to step in if needed?

The answer, apparently, is nothing.

Or, well, no financial compensation. Semborski is watching an NHL game from one of the best seats imaginable, and he has a once-in-a-lifetime story to tell. Maybe he’ll get to keep that special No. 50 jersey (they just altered one of Corey Crawford’s for the game) as well.

I figure this must feel pretty cool:

But color me a little surprised that Semborski won’t receive even a dime for his efforts. He signed an amateur tryout contract, which probably explains why he won’t get paid at all, but everyone likes getting a paycheck in exchange for services rendered. However, Semborski said after the game that he should pay them for such a special experience.

I agree that being a backup goaltender for an NHL team for a day, and never having to actually play, sounds pretty fun. This is just another notable wrinkle to one of the most interesting stories of this young Blackhawks season.