Forklift and HockeeNight Are Dancing For A Cure

After AirTrafficAJ's post about Campbell's poker tournament, I figured this was a good time to mention another great charity option for all of you... and one that won't cost you several hundred dollars.

Our good friend Forklift over at HockeeNight is evidently quite the dancer... though I'm sure I'm gaining quickly. For the past few years he has taken part in Dancing With Chicago Celebrities which is evidently like a windy city version of Dancing With The Stars, a television show none of us will care about until JR joins. The night aims to raise money for the Chicagoland affiliate of the Susan G. Komen For The Cure... a noble cause indeed.

Now... don't kid yourself, Fork isn't one of the "celebrities" - he's just a guy who likes to help out where he can and we're asking you to join him.  Fork has set up a donation page located here where you can support him.  Fork has been asking people to brown bag their lunch one day and donate the $10 you'll save... Now I'm guessing most of you put something else inside your brown paper bags but I'm hoping we can get a good amount of money to help the cause.

Do what you can... any amount helps.

Thanks Guys... more dick jokes are coming soon, we promise.