Franzen vs. Kane - The battle for the mouthguard

So by now, you've probably seen the clip of Franzen taking out Kane's mouthguard.  If you haven't.. here it is:

My reactions really went through 3 stages:

First stage - Well.. isn't that special Franzen?  You picked on a guy who is almost half a foot shorter and 50 lbs lighter.  Don't you look like a real tough guy?  What a jackass...

Second stage - Man.. that's embarrassing.  What a perfect metaphor for that game.

Third stage - You know what?  That damn mouthguard has annoyed me for the past two years.  I'm glad someone finally did something about it.

Chris Kuc got Kane's reaction to it today:

"I'm kind of whacking the goalie (Ty Conklin) and [Franzen] comes in and just takes the mouthpiece and throws it," said Kane, who often skates around the ice chewing on his mouthguard instead of having it in his mouth. "You never really think he was going to come up and grab your mouthpiece and throw it out. It was kind of surprising at first. The ref was right there so I was hoping he was going to call something, maybe a misconduct. I was kind of asking the ref a little bit for that.

"It's kind of surprising. It's never happend before."

Kane told me, "it's pretty funny, check it out on Youtube."

This is a reason I really like Kane.  Instead of flipping out and making a scene.. he asks a question to the ref then just lets it go and laughs about it later.

A2Y seems to think he's a punk for skating away.. instead of what?  Starting a fight that he'll clearly lose?  I'm glad that at least one Hawks decided to pick his battles wisely.

New Rallying Cry - The Two-Game lead is the most dangerous series lead in all of hockey.

Hawks in 7.