Free Agency Frenzy: Hour 6 - The Press Conference Hour

4:00 - Lets see what Tallon has to say now...

4:01 - More than winning the cup, Tallon says Hossa wanted to learn how to lead.  I guess backchecking wasn't part of the lesson plan

4:03 - "Hossa's played a lot of games..." that's the first thing Tallon says when asked why him over Havlat

4:04 - "We've identified the core of our team".. says Panda's signing won't impact next year.  I'd love some of what ever he's on.

4:07 - "How does he impact your team? Where do you get better?" - I'm guessing that reporter works for the Red Eye

4:10 - How bored is Kopecky going to be on the conference call he's on with Hossa in a little bit?

4:11 - Confirmation that Brouwer, Eager, Versteeg, Barker and Crawford were all qualified

4:13 - Interesting end to the presser there with Dale - 8 players at 33 Million but offers out ot all the RFAs?  Good luck with that buddy

4:18 - Cammalleri is in talk with the Habs - and Havlat may have been offered a multi-year deal with the Wild...

4:20 - hah.. 420.. oh .. and ERRONEOUS Havlat wasn't offered a deal from the Wild.. that was Cammalleri again..

4:23 - Koci signs for cheap with the Avs - I'm not sure that's far enough away from Chara.  He does like climbing mountains.  Good luck sir..

4:25 - Confirmed, Cammalleri is a Hab 5 years/30Million

4:31 - OK.. we're ending the actual live blogging aspect of this and just jumping into the comments.  We'll open up a new thread if the comments start to lag...

UPDATE:  Pahlsson's going to Columbus, continuing Hitchcock's tradition of grabbing forwards who don't score, for 2.6 per, which I believe is a raise of 1 million for Sammi.  Here's hoping Kopecky can shut guys down.