Hammer Gets 2

The decision came down, and Niklas Hjalmarsson was suspended for the same two games professional dunderhead James Wisniewski got for, uh....suggesting what Sean Avery might do in his spare time.

I don't think this is too surprising. Having a full day to reflect on it, while I don't think the hit was malicious it was reckless and put another professional in danger. There were many other options Hammer could have gone with, and he opted for the killshot that could alter Jason Pominville's career. Seeing as how this is a hot-button issue amongst players, he was never going to get away clean. The two games are against Nashville and Columbus, not exactly free scoring outfits. He'll be back for the return date for the Sabres, and though Patrick Kaleta talks a big game, no punk like that is going to actually do anything about it. It's hard to fathom was Sabre would make himself known, and one gets the impression Lindy Ruff is above this kind of bullshit. But we shall see.

In the meantime, we get to enjoy a bottom four of Scott, Boynton, Leddy,  and Hendry.  Yip.  Eee.