Hawks-Sharks regular season goalscoring breakdown

In light of the interesting scatter of goals in the Chicago-Vancouver series, there were a couple of comments wondering what the plot looked like for the regular season series between Chicago and San Jose, so I whipped up a quick graphic:

(open in new window for full size)

Goal descriptions

Quick observations:

  • Total goals scored: Chicago 17, San Jose 11.
  • Average distance of goals scored: Chicago 26.5 ft, San Jose 27.3 ft. Not much separating the two.
  • NO POWER PLAY GOALS BY THE HAWKS. Did score those three shorties, though, as well as one 5-on-4 with the goalie pulled late in the game. San Jose had three PP goals (Boyle one-timer, Demers snap shot, Pavelski slapper from the blue line) and one SHG. Even strength goals: Chicago 13, San Jose 7. This is encouraging.
  • Goals off odd-man rushes (not counting short-handed breakaways): Chicago 2, San Jose 4. This is not encouraging.
  • Goals off rebounds: Chicago 4, San Jose 1.
  • All the goals scored from above the top of the circles (40ft or so) by both teams had screens in front of the goalie. It'll probably be a big factor on the Sharks PP, since the Hawks haven't been shooting as much from the point with the man advantage, at least in the first two rounds. It'll be interesting to see if Q changes this tactic against the Sharks. Who the hell knows, with our PP.
  • The wild card of this matchup has got to be Niemi. Would he have let in some of the close-range goals that the Sharks scored on Huet? Can he deal with maybe multiple screens in front on San Jose power plays? How long until the Sharks start elevating their shots?
  • Take a look at the list of goalscorers from the goal descriptions. Who do you think will make a huge impact on the series, for either team? My bets are on Hossa and Seabrook for the Hawks, and Pavelski for the Sharks. Dude has been bank all season long.

Food for thought, on the eve of the series opener.