Here’s Scott Darling’s full equipment setup

When you put it all together like that, it looks amazing.

Preseason has a lot of functions. Win or lose, it doesn’t really matter - though winning is typically preferable to not, regardless - but its main purpose is to help teams determine their rosters and, more importantly, get players back into game shape.

For goalies, it’s a good chance for them to really break in their new equipment, too. Practices are one thing; getting used to the motions of an actual game helps a fair amount, too.

Scott Darling started the Blackhawks’ first preseason game, which gave him the chance to break in his new gear.

We don’t know just how often he’ll be using it this season, but it looks pretty awesome, doesn’t it? There’s something just so much better about seeing a guy completely commit to his team colors, as opposed to simply going with white pads.

For another angle:

Oh yeah - that getup with the home jersey looks amazing. Kudos on the excellent choices, Darling!