Hopefully, That Wasn't Viewed By Children: Hawks 9, Something Posing As An NHL Team 2


Quitting on Craig McTavish? That's a paddling....

Well, that was ugly, if you're an Edmonton fan, that is. The Hawks pimp-slapped, bitch-slapped, donkey-punched, and whatever other term you want to put in there, the 'erlers. Some random thoughts before the wrap...

- Why the Oilers would ever wear anything but their throwbacks is beyond me.

- Isn't the broadcast much smoother with Konroyd in the booth? No catch-phrases, no yelling, no odd telestrations. Just an ex-player calmly telling us what he sees. Hopefully, Foley will come around soon. Still off on too many plays.

- WGN's production is just getting worse. There were some transitions that made no sense and totally threw viewers from following the play. They missed the first goal, and they cock up at least two replays a game. Thanks for brining your A game, WGN sports. Is the director Craig McTavish?

On to the game....

This would be a good time to play pessimist/optimist.  The pessimist would point out that the Hawks were outplayed for at least the first 10 minutes, possibly the whole 1st period.  Khabby definitely bailed them out, and the Hawks came out of it up two.

The optimist would say that teams will now know if you don't take your chances against the Hawks and put them away, they will bury you.  Which do we believe?  Both.  Or at least the Hawks will bury you if you're not trying, which the Oilers looked like after made it 4-1.  We were pleased to see the response after the Oilers first goal.  Horcoff had made it 3-1, and this is generally where we are accustomed to seeing the Hawks on their heels and letting the team back into the game.  Within 8 minutes it was 5-1, thanks to the Oilers rolling out a red carpet in front of their net.  If you're looking for a team softer in their own zone than the Hawks, you've found it.  But it's one thing to have those chances, and another to accept the invitations gleefully.  The Hawks did the lattter.

The Oilers were just plain awful.  Turnovers galore, soft play, a nonchalance that would lead you to believe that Craig McTavish is not long for this job.  Edmonton certainly looked to quit halfway through the 2nd, which is exactly what a GM doesn't want to see.

Good to see Troy Brouwer have his first two-goal game.  Brouwer has been doing his part on the 2nd line, without seeing too much reward.  He hasn't looked out of place in his latest stint in the NHL for more than a shift here and there, and his confidence could use the boost of a multi-goal game.  Andrew Ladd surged ahead of linemates Havlat and Bolland in the competition of who's been the best Hawk forward recently.  Three points, one a sweet assist to Fraser.  Ladd continues to cause a ruckus in opponent's zones.  Long may it continue.

Can hardly start a trip better than that.  Time for the Alberta Double.