Hossa Out A Couple Weeks, Second City Staff Hiding Behind Couch

Per Jahns, Coach Q has told the media that Marian Hossa will be out up to a couple weeks, which isn't great news but isn't the worst it could be either. Apparently Dave Bolland also missed practice, but no one noticed. The schedule in the next 10 days would lead one to believe the Hawks could survive this, especially if Campbell returns Saturday. The Hawks see the Oil, Wild, Rangers, whatever it is parading around as the Devils right now, Thrash, Oil again, Phoenix before a trip to Smashville that Hossa may be back for. Other than the Preds, none of those teams are playing well.

More line shuffling, yay!!! At practice today Vik Rattlehead was skating with Toews and Sharp, which I'm actually quite curious to get a look at. Kane was moved up to skate with Kopecky and Brouwer, and with Bolland out I can't tell you what's going on after that. I would imagine there would be a call-up, but Jahns already has dampened the calls for Jeremy Morin, who is hurt anyway. Expect Pirri or Brophey to be back, with possibly Ben Smith an outside shot. Igor Makarov will need a road map in his own end before he ends up here, and Kyle Beach is either to expensive or too insane or quite possibly both.

What will have to happen is Kane and to a lesser extent Toews will have to come out of hiding to pick up the slack, and that's not unreasonable to think it will happen.  Oh won't this be fun?

That is all.