"I Ain't Never Been To Jail" - Hawks 6, Jackets 3

Against pretty much any other opponent, tonight's game would have proved an ideal palette cleanser after the losses to Vancouver and St. Louis, but because it was the Blue Jackets, it just kind of feels perfunctory. Make no mistake, the Hawks were pretty much all over the most expensive AHL team money can buy from Jump St., but ultimately this is just merely what the Hawks are supposed to do to a team that might end up shaping up to be one of the bigger disasters of the last decade.

While I'm sure I'll be labeled as a buzz kill, but I can't allow myself to get too excited over a win over the Jackets, even if it did feel nice to see a crooked number up there after two icky, icky losses. This game was certainly far from flawless, but baby steps and all that. Given the sheer number of goals, the full narrative is getting bypassed and we're heading right to the bullets, with the standing caveat that all thoughts are taking into consideration that yes, it was indeed against the Jackets . Get a taste.


  • I've been banging the drum since the pre-season that Toews and Hossa need to work together, and lo and fucking behold, Toews walks away with 3 points, and he, Hossa, and Stalberg end up +3's. Vik looked as lively as he's been for a full 60, but his move of darting into the zone in 6th gear and then slamming on the brakes and cutting to the middle simultaneously will probably need a compliment soon as tape starts to circulate.
  • On the other hand, the combination of Sharp and Kane that we've been making known to anyone who will listen needed to be together didn't produce much, Kane's breakaway notwithstanding.
  • The two power play goals from the second unit were nice, and Bruno showed exactly what he was brought here for, but its success by no means portends to any kind of long term success. If nothing else, the only thing it accomplished was positively reinforcing Q's goofy ass lineup. The early returns were good, but I'll wait to levy final judgement when they face an adult penalty kill.
  • Speaking of bad penalty kills, things are so bad now that they've given up goals to the only two power plays in the same quadrant of deep space as the Hawks'. Quite naturally penalties by Carcillo and Scott ended up in the back of the net. Tighten it up.
  • John Scott is awfully pinch-happy for a guy who can't skate backwards.
  • So Steve Montador is playing forward on a power play, and Patrick Sharp is on a point. WHAT. EVER. At least it worked tonight. Good on Monty with the Gordie Howe Hat Trick tonight.On top of that feat, if you watch a replay of Bruno's goal closely, you'll see Montador give him a congratulatory pecker slap in the scrum afterward. It's not gay if you call it "male bonding", right?
  • As for the two defensive pairs that matter, they looked a lot more comfortable together tonight, as they should, given that they are a much more natural fit than what was getting trotted out there before Tuesday. Have a night, Nik and Nick.
  • The only one that Steve Mason has robbed since his rookie year has been Scott Howson. Think Mason wishes they brought Hitch back?
  • I heard Rick Nash might be a wiener tucker. But that's hearsay and conjecture at this point.

Player of The Game


Though Captain Marvel put the Hawks up early, it's real tough to pick against a guy with the first Howe Trick since March of 2009, especially considering the way that Montador jumped in to Kruger's aid. Spring forth burly protector, and save me!