I Sense Something, A Presence I Haven't Felt Since...:Panthers at Hawks Preview and 1st Period Thread

Sex_panther_medium vs. 200px-road_warrior_hawk_medium

GAMETIME: 7:30pm


Cat Scratch Fever: Litter Box Cats

Look, I'm in a fine mood after spending six hours at O'hare to not get to Nashville tonight. So you're not going to get a full preview. You know the drill here. A lot of ex Hawks. Campbell will get wrongly booed, and probably an unfair joke or two from Foley and Edzo. Panthers started hot, but haven't been very good last 10. They give up a lot of shots and a lot of goals recently. Kris Versteeg hasn't scored in a while.

The Hawks? Emery starts. Lineup stays the same. Keep playing well.

Have at it.