Jonathan Toews gives pucks to all, no matter what jersey they’re wearing

Toews is confused about the presence of a Kings jersey at a Hawks/Sabres game. True.

It’s easy to do, but probably best not to judge the particular jersey someone may be wearing. Maybe that random name was their favorite player once upon a time; maybe that odd customization was a gift. Everyone has their reasons.

That said, wearing the jersey of a team that’s not even playing in the game you’re at... that one might be a little odd.

Such as, say, a Los Angeles Kings jersey at a game between the Chicago Blackhawks and Buffalo Sabres, as Jonathan Toews encountered.

Here you go kid, wait why are you wearing a Kings jersey?

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That looks like it’s an Anze Kopitar jersey. Maybe that kid is really just a big fan of defensive forwards and perennial Selke contenders?

Either way, though, Toews didn’t judge - he’ll give pucks to all, no matter the jersey, and that’s part of what makes him great. Even if he did call the kid out a bit, it was very gentle. And anyone would take a puck alongside that any day.