June 8th - Beard of the Day: Method Man


It's been a while since we've had any members of the Wu up on this site - so now is a perfect time to change it.  Method Man is one of the most visible members of the Wu-Tang Clan.  He's since moved on to do some really horrible TV shows mixed in with some roles that really kicked ass, notably as "Cheese" in The Wire.

You have to really appreciate someone who lives up to the reputation he builds in his songs.  In 2009, Meth was arrested for the most gangster crime of all, tax evasion (just ask Al Capone).  He's got a pretty solid excuse for forgetting to pay though - he got high.

There's really only one song we could choose though.. it's one of the best on the first album, and one of the only two solo tracks, and there's an obvious Chicago connection as Meth wears a White Sox cap for a good portion of the video.  I apologize I couldn't find a video with the "torture" skit still attached... waiting 3 days for game 6 was probably the next thing that Meth would have brought up.