Just so we're all clear here...

So Sam doesn't want to get involved in Game Threads - that's fine.  I like 'em.  But just to clarify something:

Everyone from St. Louis Game Time or any other SB Nation blog is more than welcome to come over here and comment to their heart's desire.  But the rule is - keep the trash talking to a minimum unless a) it's a game thread or b) you're funny.  If you're never funny about it - then it's just annoying.

If someone does annoy you in the comments - give them shit.  But don't just call them names.. that's boring.  Do a little research.

For instance, take this guy, awfrick.  He left this gem of a comment on the game thread.  Now it's easy to call him a pigfucker (granted).  But it's way more fun to check out his profile and see that he lists Blue Moon as a "preferred drink".  You can get way more out of the fact that his favorite beer is a fake-ass Belgian beer brewed by Coors and mostly popular among girls who don't actually like the taste of beer than you'll ever get out of just name calling.

Or make fun of him for asking others to let him contribute to a blog rather than starting his own.  Look at what Sam and I have done so far.  If we can start a blog.. anyone can.  Starting a blog is almost as easy as catching syphilis from any girl in St. Louis..  (seriously.. wear a rubber)

Back to the lovefest though - St. Louis Game Time is an awesome blog with a great fan program going on.  They've got a fiercely loyal and occasionally funny group of guys over there.  They even let me play in their fantasy hockey league (The Golf Cart Polo Champs are currently 10th out of 18 and just got annihilated thanks to the short week.. if you were wondering).  But for all our readers - please feel free to go give them shit on their site too.  They deserve it - just make sure you're funny.

(Awfrick - thanks for being my punching bag in this post.  But you haven't even begun to see a pretentious post.  Make sure you check back for our preview on Feb. 13th.)