One More Special Message To Go: Blues At Hawks Preview

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OPPOSITION BLOG: St. Louis Gametiime (bunch of tools)

One more game before the break, so it would behoove the Hawks to enter it with a win. It would make us all feel better, actually. The Hawks only showed up for the last half of the game on Monday, and even though the Blues anchor the conference right now, I don't think that approach will work tonight, either.

(Yes, the previous paragraph is centered. For some reason I can't left justify it, so just deal. I get enough edit-shit from The indian) The Blues are playing well of late, for them. They miracled their ass to a SO win over what's left of the Boston Bruins on Monday afternoon. Last Saturday, as we all saw, they pretty much played us off the rink, and yet couldn't come up with a second point thanks to Huet and The Perfect Beard. However, half of this team is the Peoria Rivermen, they really shouldn't cause that much trouble.

The drill is the same. The Blues will try and hit the Hawks at every opportunity, especially after the whistle and in the back (it's their way). They'll also try and squeeze the middle of the ice as best they can, keep the play on the perimeter where they can hit us even more, and try and frustrate the Hawks. We mustn't buy in to it. The Hawks are better at hockey than St. Louis, and it's time they prove it. Chris Mason hasn't been wowing anyone in net. Enough of the pretty, cross-ice passing that hasn't worked in a few and more of just putting rubber on net should see the Hawks through and into their 6-day break, which they so badly need. And so do we. But not without reaching the 60 point mark.