Last Night's Committed Indian Page 8 - What Really Went On At The Deadline

So a few people have told me that there's a bit of a disconnect between SCH here and The Committed Indian, the program I write for every Hawks home game that is sold here digitally and in physical form outside the UC before every game. Well, maybe I should do a better job of shoring that up. So here's something I used to do a bit more often, which is post highlights of issues. Here's last night's page 8, which is generally the page that has no rules.


As always, click to enlarge. Oh, if that only worked with other things besides .jpgs

Anyway, you can always find this kind of stuff, and the occasional analysis or thought, in The Committed Indian. If you haven't already, you can sign up for a digital subscription at the left of the blog, or buy one outside.