Learn a lesson from Fugazi... DIY is better

If the Hawks want to be sure to have home-ice advantage, it looks like they're just going to have to do it on their own.

The best chance the Hawks had for Vancouver losing a point didn't pan out last night as Luongo shut out the Kings.  Now the only game they have is against the Avs on Saturday.  Sure the Avs beat them recently but the odds of it happening again is about as likely as Hull and Santo giving up the hair pieces..

The Flames start their home-and-home against the Oilers tonight and the loss of either game could very well seal up their fate as runners up in the Northwest.  The Flames do own the tie-breaker with one more win than the Canucks though so expect two insane games against the Oilers.  Just in case you're wondering - the Flames are 2-2-0 against the Oilers this year.

The Hawks do have 2 points against the Scum this year with two OTL in the first two match ups so it's very likely the Hawks can wrap up home ice without any outside help.  If the team is smart though, they'll watch tapes from all the Predators games Detroit.  The Preds actually managed a 4-2-0 record against the Wings.  They should also remember that the Wings have Elroy Jetson in the net...