McKenzie Thinks He's Got The Numbers

Here's what Bob McKenzie is reporting on TSN

Quite frankly, I hope these aren't the numbers. Otherwise, Stan Bowman is not the capologist genius we were told he was. I love Tazer as much as the next guy, but how he comes in at a number higher than Mike Richards is a mystery. Kane at 6 seems high, but probably unavoidable.

The Keith contract is going to be fucking hilarious, and I put it at 50/50 that the NHL does its utmost to void it.  So, let's say Keith comes in at 5.  That means the cap hit increase for Kane is 2.3 (at least), 3.3 for Toews, and 3.4 for Keith.  That's a total rise of 9.  So no resigning of Madden, find a taker for Sopel, and Buff and Barker moved along would give you 10 million worth of relief, but there's still Ladd and Hammer to be resigned, and others.  This is going to be a headache, but I guess I'll wait until an official announcement before I get angry.  Though I do enjoy it so.