Morning Links (1/17)


Stalberg is named NHL's second star

Chris Kuc writes that Kane knows Sharp's pain

CSN Chicago's Chris Boden sizes up potential trade partners

The guys from Cheer the Anthem also talk trade

Just for fun: Some good ol' Hockey News Rumor Roundup

No game until Wednesday? Kill some time with yet another eclectic Hockeenight Puckcast

Down Goes Brown looks at NHL's All-Star snubs

Former Ref Kerry Fraser weighs in on sucker punches

Shanny's Ban-hammer strikes again: BJs Byers sits for three's stats and recaps from last night's games: Preds 3, Isles 1; Avs 1, Coyotes 6; Jets 2, Sens 0; Bruins 3, Panthers 2 (SO); Sabres 0, Scum 5; Stars 0, Blues 1